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About Us

Welcome from the Head


I feel enormously proud and privileged to be the Head of Nanny Kiddies World.

NKW is a warm, caring and vibrant community which provides support and challenge to ensure that all students, regardless of their starting points, achieve well to go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Vision and Mission


We have created our vision and Mission as a whole school community with staff, students and parents contributing to the vision of the school that we want it to be and the values that important to us.

We strive to ensure that our vision and values are central to everything we do in the school. The mission are an integral part of our teaching and learning policy and behaviour for learning policy, ensuring that we live and breathe the values on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Exploring Young Minds to Excel !!!

Our Vision

We inspire curiosity independence and a life-long learning to help our children become contributing members of our community and world.

Our Values 

We aspire 

We respect

We collaborate

We are resilient

Chandra Sundararaman


Our Curriculum - The Ultimate formula for Kids

Nanny kiddies world

 School is the safety net that protects our children from deprivation and provides a platform where in children can be offered opportunities to explore and grow together. At NKW we aim to nurture the early years of a child to understand the world around them. 

 Every child is born with some ability. It is the nature which is going to nurture the child to become a well-rounded personality. The first school for any child is the home and the first teacher is the mother. When a child enters the school, we need to accept the child and provide a well-rounded curriculum and conducive environment for the child to grow. 

 There are many psychologists who have told the stages of development of personality. We at NKW believe in Howard Gardener’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”. Multiple Intelligences are a set of abilities, talents or mutual skills that an individual possesses to a greater or lesser extent. Every child will have a dominant intelligence modality. We at NKW try to focus on every child’s strength and the dominant intelligence so as to nourish the same. 

 Pre-Primary Life NKW -  Concept Based Learning 

 The preprimary programme is spread out over three years –  Nursery, Lower Kindergarten, and Upper Kindergarten. Keeping in mind the social, emotional and cognitive requirements of the child, the pace of the curriculum is set. The idea is to a have a safe and secure learning space to help children concept based learning with help of color theme programs and other age-appropriate activities. We lay equal emphasis on the school ethos of discipline and mutual respect wherein each child is encouraged to think independently. 

 Language, Math & EVS  -  Children learn phonics, communication skills, reading abilities and writing practice in Languages. They explore numbers through rhymes, puzzles, counting games and other fun activities. They further discover different scientific concepts through hand-on activities that helps them register through immediate observation, investigation and exploration. 


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