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Playgroup , Pre-Kg, Jr.Kg & Sr. Kg Montessori Teacher Training Academy


Playgroup , Pre-Kg, Jr.Kg & Sr. Kg Montessori Teacher Training Academy

Stay Focused

1. The First School of your child


We focus on early childhood development

We do a research-based Child-Centric learning program

We have highly structured curriculum

We practice a Holistic development of the child

We give best facility & Infrastructure

Out teachers and care takers are very friendly in approaching the kids and their parents

2. What theorist believes in learning through play?


Groos a writer (in Hyder, 2005) argued that play is a means through which children make sense of adult roles within society. According to Piaget (1969) in Piaget theory, play is a way for children to unify experiences, knowledge and understanding. Vygotsky (1966) considered play to be important for an individual's cognitive development.

So, the theory clearly says when you let your kid "PLAY and THINK that EXPERIENCE will automatically make them to LEARN"

3. Learning makes curiosity


At Nanny Kiddies World, 

We develop an atmosphere of reading for every kid 

We put your child in the driver's seat as much as possible

We encourage every kid to be open and for sincere communication

We focus on your child's interests and on their strengths

We introduce and encourage different types of learning styles for every day and thus makes every day a learning day

We always share our enthusiasm for learning

We follow the fun way of learning through game-based and activity-based learning 

We focus on what kid is learning, which will outcome on their performance

We make our kid stay organized and disciplined 

We always recognize and celebrate every small achievement of the kids

4,. Innovative Learning


At Nanny Kiddies world, we

Explain the notions, not the proofs. ...

Differentiate ideas from thoughtful information. ...

Make skills as vital as knowledge. ...

Form teams, not groups. ...

Practice intellectual and gears. ...

Reward discovery.

Integrate some secret into our trainings

Give kid more choices

Do not duplicate classroom material

5. Programs



Will be updated soon for the next program list... 

.......stay tuned......

6. parents at their best


Make your kid know that you believe in him or her. Often tell your child that you believe in him or her

Spend time for your kids by singing, reading or dancing with your child

Make your kid involved with your extended family

The first teacher for every kid is their parents, kids mostly imitate their parents. So, they learn from parent too.

Speak positive things and show correct attitude to your kids 

Homework or assignments are one another way for your kids to stay away from gadgets and this will make the parents to interact with kids effectively, so make sure your child does homework or assignments on their own with your help